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BDB, That would be the likely scenario since it stands currently. How schedulers determined place Ohio State vs. Michigan in extinguish game within the season is that they should receive a very lot of press and opinion once the time stems. Keep an eye on Rutgers, who could play spoiler next week if Louisville beats West Virginia on Thursday. Now wouldn't that be one?!

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Whoa, I, for one, did avoid seeing Michigan toppling Notre Dame like that (and I'm a Michigan fan). What emerged as a result of the books? And if Notre Dame isn't for you to be playing in the national championship game, who is just?

Think Ohio State had their "Tyus Edney" moment involving their thrilling OT victory over Xavier as a whole of thirty-two. That game showed how gutsy and determined the Buckeyes are.and that they win games without Greg Oden (Oden spent no more regulation and the OT on the bench having fouled out vs. Xavier). None among the remaining teams in the South -- Tennessee, Texas A&M, or Memphis -- have product . to bang with Ohio state. The Buckeyes should march on